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Jimmy Choo's bold step into eyewear

Posted on 2nd Feb 2013 @ 4:20 PM


Since the late 1980s the name Jimmy Choo has become synonymous with high heeled women’s shoes. Made famous with a record eight page spread in Vogue and patronage from such international figures as Princess Diana, he was reintroduced to a new generation of women that straddled the millennia thanks to Sarah Jessica Parker (or rather Carrie Bradshaw) and her shoe addiction in Sex and the City. 


While the world is familiar with Jimmy Choo as shoe designer there’s a lot more to the fashion line than just high heels. For a start footwear lines including pumps, sandals and even ballerina shoes have been well received, and the fashion house also creates every type of handbag for every type of occasion. Meanwhile, a menswear line has also been playing an increasingly prominent part in Choo’s collection, with a growing range of formal and casual fashionable footwear available. 


Many believe, however, that eyewear is where the brand has the most potential to make an impact. This is largely down to the fact that Jimmy Choo glasses are not afraid to step out of the box and offer customers something a little bit different. From bold round frames to sleek rectangular ones, each Jimmy Choo design comes in a number of attention-grabbing colours, with fine details that the fashion conscious will love. While there are a number of women’s glasses in particular that are stunning and eye-catching, men that are bored of the run of the mill thick black framed glasses that have overrun the market will be pleased to find plenty of styles that set them apart from everyone else. Even those glasses that do appear to be following the current trends have something a little bit different to help make them, and the wearer stand out. 


For those sunny days, or perhaps just those odd occasions where you’d like to imagine yourself as a VIP, the Jimmy Choo sunglasses range is perfect. It’s clear to see that the design team had a lot of fun coming up with this collection - don’t worry about unrestrained excitement though; everything still has the same suave and sophisticated style that you’ve come to expect from Jimmy Choo. The result is vintage Hollywood glamour with an edge of modern attitude. Whether you’re after Jimmy Choo glasses or sunglasses to help complete your fabulous look, the treasure chest of a range at Toni&Guy is the perfect place to find your style.