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Prada Sport Sunglasses For Yachting Fans

- 2nd May 2013

When you think of Prada, the words haute-couture and catwalk might come to your mind first but they have also gained a reputation as a designer of fashionable eyewear, including a collection aimed at active people who want to look their best even during their leisure time, Prada Sport, also known as Prada Linea Rossa, after the signature red line featured on the arms of their glasses and sunglasses.

As the proud sponsor of the Luna Rossa Challenge sailing team which has been competing in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America’s Cup races since 2000, Prada know that athletes need the best equipment, and that includes highly performing sunglasses which will protect their eyes and ensure they can focus all their attention on the challenge at hand. Prada is committed to bringing the same level of excellence to you in your everyday activities and the Prada Sport Glasses Collection is the ideal companion, especially for yachting.

Like snow, water reflects sunlight powerfully and the glare can make it very difficult for sailors to see, this is why you should always choose sunglasses with polarised lenses which can cut up to 98% of reflected light. This will come in rather handy if you want to see where you are going!

Apart from this practical aspect, wearing sunglasses when yachting is also essential to the health of your eyes. Sailors are at high risk for diseases such as cataract caused by UV radiation, and while this can be treated with surgery, prevention is always the best policy. You should always wear sunglasses which offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays when sailing; sunglasses without a UV filter will do more harm than good as they will encourage your pupils to dilate, thus allowing more damaging radiation to reach your retina.