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Buying Your Frames

Caring For Your Glasses

At TONI&GUY Opticians, our commitment to care continues long after you have received your new eyewear from us.

How you can care for your glasses

Always use the soft lens cloth provided in your glasses case as other materials can cause scratches. You can purchase a lens cleaning fluid spray from us when placing your order although from time to time it’s advisable to wash your glasses in warm soapy water to wash away any dust, grease or make-up. You can then carefully dry and polish the lenses with a soft clean cloth, preferably a microfibre cloth. Anti-reflection coatings upon your lenses require special care, don’t place your fingers on the lenses because your fingerprints will transfer grease which stand out on the coating.

You should always handle your glasses carefully as they are hand finished. Take care when putting them on and taking them off, the best way is to hold your spectacles with both hands at the front of frames, or alternatively, hold the temples (side pieces) as these are the stongest parts.

Don’t rest your spectacles on your forehead or high up on your head. This stretches the temples out of shape and will make for uncomfortable wearing. Never store your spectacles facing down because this will scratch the lenses.

Never leave your spectacles on the dashboard of a car or near a source of heat. Both your lenses and frames are made of materials that can react adversely to extreme temperature variations.

Quality guaranteed

We provide a one year manufacturing guarantee with every pair of frames we sell so if you find a defect in your frames we'll repair or replace them for free.